Frequently. Asked. Questions.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is AdMaker?

AdMaker is a website that lets you quickly and easily build website ready ads.

How does AdMaker Work?

You select your ad size, edit the text, color, and logo options, then position everything how you like it and click “Add to Cart”.

What options does AdMaker have?

Currently you can change text, select colors, font sizes, font styling, add you logo, and move everything around to how you like it.

What ad sizes can I chose from?

320×50,120×600,300×50,180×150,728×90,300×250,320×100,160×600,336×280,970×90,300×600,970×66,970×418, and 970×250

For the most up to date list of ad sizes, please go here.

How do I get my ad once it's built?

Once you have your ad exactly how you want it, you can save it by clicking “Add to Cart”. Once you have completed the checkout process, your ad will be available to download immediately. You can always access your ads from your “Orders” section of your “My Account” page.

Can I get my ad in GIF or JPG format?

We’ve decided to only output ads in PNG format, as we believe this is an overall better format to use. If you would like to have your ad converted to JPG you can use a website such as

Custom Ad Services

Why custom ad services when I can just use the AdMaker?

AdMaker is a perfect way to get an ad quickly and easily, whereas the custom ad services get more in-depth on your needs, and builds a professional and high-quality set of ads that help your business succeed. Think of it like painting your house yourself versus hiring a professional to do it.

How long does it take to get my ads created?

It depends. We like to say 1-2 business days for each ad, but we will spend as long as necessary to get the ad that works for you.

Do you make animated ads?

Sure. Our preference and we firmly believe that static ads work better, but on occassion, if the need seems to fit an animated ad then we will accommodate that need.

What kinds of ads can you make?

We specialize in banner ads for websites, but we can also make social media ads, print ads, and any other kind of ads you may need.

What is a revision?

A revision is whenever you need something major changed to an ad. A quick color change or text change does not count against your revisions.

What files do I receive on delivery of the ads?

Your ads will come in 3 formats, JPG GIF/PNG, and PDF. You will also receive any assets we used, such as graphics, icons, and images, along with the source PSD (photoshop file). We can accommodate other file formats upon request.

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Admaker was built by a need to provide affordable, super fast ads to companies looking to spread the word about their business. We want to help your business succeed while improving the quality of ads on the internet.

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