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Our style guide covers logo placements and preferences, font styles, color choices, and an overall ad manifesto.

Ad Manifesto

All Ads Should


Be Simple

Simple ads have a clear purpose, without too much text or graphics. Simple ads should not overwhelm the user. Keep it simple, stupid.

Match their URL

Most digital ads click through to a landing page. Having those experiences line up can increase conversion rates and is a good overall user experience.

Be Easy to Read

Choosing fonts and styles that are easy to read and consistent with the brand while keeping text to a minimum as much as possible.

Have a Clear Call to Action

The purpose of an ad is to drive a user to perform an action. An ad without a clear call to action is like a door without a handle.

Have Identifiable Branding

All ads should include a logo and any other brand identifiers, such as colors, taglines, or trademarks.

Match Business Objectives

Every ad should have a single specific purpose which drives the design of the ad and gives the user a path to follow.

Entice Users

Users take action when an ad has a clear purpose, clean design, and great copywriting.

Look Good

Good use of whitespace, complimenting shapes and color, and just look good.


An ad that works is one that the client loves and the user clicks on. In essence, it just works.


Most companies have logos, but all ads need to have a logo to identify to the user that this ad is from a brand name, a trusted source. Logos come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes it hard for a one size fits all approach to logos. Below are some common logo designs and ways to represent them in various ads.

Horizontal Logos

These are the most common types of logos and they are typically longer and usually a perfect rectangle. 

Align with left/right justified text

Keep separate from the CTA but align with the width

Keep padding around logo edges to showcase logo

Logo icon can be used separately to save space

Vertical Logos

Lesser common logo style, but typically taller and more prominent. 

Perfect for center aligned text.

Can 'funnel' logo to the CTA

Place against other elements to create relationships

Align directly on top of CTA

Logo Placement

Don't place in the lower right corner.

Studies have shown based on eye tracking technology that is a vert common place for a logo to go, but is the most common place for a user to overlook. (Source:

Do place in the lower middle section of the ad.


There is a lot of psychology that goes into the color of advertising. With so many colors to choose from it can be hard to decide on a color for an ad. That’s why we like to keep it simple and follow these rules.

A maximum of 3 colors per ad

Match the colors of the client or product as much as possible

Match the colors of the URL the ad clicks through to


This is another topic that has a lot of research into it, which leads to a lot of confusion on the best fonts to use. Once again, we like to keep it simple.

Use open source fonts whenever possible

We firmly believe that open source is better and that open source is better for business and support it and contribute to it wherever we can.

Serif fonts for titles or headings that are paired with sans-serif body copy otherwise use sans-serif for solo headings

Normalize kerning and tracking, don't overdo it

The bolder the better when it comes to readability

What They’re Saying

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Give AdMaker a try and let us know how it is. Your testimonial could go here!


Free Spirit, Entrepreneur

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